Your sound starts with your performance and equipment . . .  and if the room does anything but add natural warmth and depth to your sound . . .  it all ends there as well.


When you walk into a room if it sounds Echo-ey or boxy, it will record like that !!

Our rooms are professionally built, acoustically fine tuned, and air-conditioned. With a warm ambience to die for.


Much Contemporary recording has an up-front, in your face sound. Minimilist reverbs and effects, compared with the 80’s and early 90’s reverb drenched recordings .  .  .

  .  .  .  While the studio has use of  high class reverbs and effects – in spades, where appropriate, we strive to to capture the greatest natural sense of  size and dimension of sound available from your performance, in accordance with modern production values.


Whether you want to capture the warm chime of an acoustic guitar, or the vicious power and aggression of a 100 watt valve guitar amp (or a rock vocalist ! ) on full tilt  -  Room acoustics don't get much better than this.  No more boxy sounding drums, or 'recorded in a bathroom' bongos & banjos.

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